How to Launch Your Dream Business and get Hired in 30 Days

You'll learn: 

1. Startup logistics: what to do now, how to do it, and what to wait on

2. How to let your dream clients know that you exist

3. EXACT 3 steps we used to get our first paying client  (in less than 30 days)

P.s. We’re recording this masterclass to majorly serve startup entrepreneurs with a starting investment of just $500. If you want to watch us do the recording like a fly on the wall, you can get access for just $197!
This is your time.

If you have a dream that you feel like you *must* bring into the world, this masterclass will give you the boost to get started. 

Don’t let the fear of logistics (Do I need an LLC? What about bank accounts? Quickbooks?) keep you from getting started. We’ll give you the rundown of what you need to do first, how to do it and what can wait.

 ⇩     ⇩     ⇩

Then, make that money. 

Once you’re ready to announce to the world we’ll give you the play by play for how to do it with an effective, heart centered approach.

Finally, you’ll learn the exact 3 steps to bring on your first paying client in 30 days.


we’re Lisa and Kaela!

We’re the mother-daughter cofounders of Rise Leadership Circle. We support our clients who are soulful entrepreneurs to own their worth, live an epic life, and fund it with the six figure+ businesses that they build, sans hustle.

We love supporting our clients with deep dive, wrap around support like in our Core program which helps go from start to consistent monthly income in half a year, and our Elevate Mastermind for six figure bosses.

And, we have a passion to give a boost to the soul driven entrepreneurs who have an idea, and aren’t sure where to start.  Join us for this masterclass to get the key details to launch your dream business now.


We’re so excited to serve you on this masterclass. At the end, we’ll share how we can continue to be in your corner if you’d like more support.